Past PSC Students

in 2016 we asked 6 years worth of  ‘Shifties’ to tell us what they did after the course. here’s a selection of some of the responses we got. 

Some went on to college or other studies including… Applied for a PhD in Cultural Geography to study soil culture, ideas of nature, place-making and food politics within food sovereignty and agro-ecology movement (still awaiting response) Continued learning about growing. Recently have done a RHS course in propagation/plant health etc. Feel that a path is slowly developing? Further holistic study. Went to eco dharma in Spain to do a week’s course in permaculture and nature connection. Went to university and did a M.Sc. for 2 years. Did Urban Fringe herbalism course. University More natural building. Took on a Soil Association Future Growers traineeship. Did a herbal medicine course. I am at university studying Spanish and global studies (food security, climate change, etc.), intending to write a dissertation about reversing desertification -inspired by mike Feingold. Others furthered their skills and experience by volunteering and getting involved including….. Volunteering and some paid work with Resource Futures as part of Bristol Re-Use network. Running a project improving a local street, Clarke St in Bedminster, as a volunteer. Volunteered at Sim’s Hill and some eco-builds. Volunteered at Ourganics and travelled Europe working on smallholdings. Full time volunteer teacher at an inner city school. Volunteered at Embercombe for 3 years – 1 year in the joinery shop, 2 years doing my “Practical Psychology” course. Horticulture volunteering / market garden. Went woofing all over the world. Volunteered at Glastonbury Permaculture Garden. Volunteered as an organiser/facilitator specialised in environmental and social issues/solutions with Schools in Bristol. Being active member of local planning group, WHaM, working to create a sustainable development in our neighbourhood. Many students returned to existing jobs or projects but many found new directions on the course. Here’s a sample of some of the jobs they found or created… I worked for a solar PV installation company for a year Started and became a director of The Bristol Fish Project, an Aquaponics project in Bristol Currently trying to start a coppicing and green woodwork business. Ran a community growing and cooking project Internship with Forum for the Future on Big Green Week Fringe. Took course with the straw works school of natural building and started work building straw bale houses. Am also teaching Straw Bale building. Green builder. Facilitate community education projects. Working as a facilitator and tutor at Shift Bristol. Got a paid traineeship at a community garden to get more practical skills Five months working for an organic vegetable supplier. Set up a bike workshop. Project leader for back to work land based training. Worked on an organic farm. Trained and worked as a Community Organiser, facilitating local projects. 3 year biodynamic apprenticeship in South Africa. Working as a green builder. I decided to continue staying on the land after shift ended, and work with it. Veg and fruit forever 🙂 Horticultural apprenticeship Set up my business growing AMAZING edible flowers, finding the niche for it… Setting up a “permacultury” kindergarten in France. Started a community bike cafe, for a while. If I didn’t already have a great job I’m certain shift would have helped me so much getting jobs/opportunities/experience in areas I’m interested in – and I’m sure it will in the future!
Some went off and bought land or started land based communities or projects… I was in the lucky position to be able to get a mortgage to obtain some land just over into Wales, where I/we are slowly discovering what to do with it. Land observation takes more than a year! Moved onto a permaculture project with a focus on zone zero, personal growth. Set up a small holding. Helped set up a land-based permaculture community in north Devon (too bad that it didn’t last very long…..) Hopefully (if planning is granted) will be building a straw bale house. Have finally just got a cottage in Wales, which I’m renovating: it’s in a small town, not rural, but it’s the first step! Many students put sustainability into practice for their lifestyle, health and well being…. Felt I was able to apply Permaculture to so many aspects of my day to day lifestyle Got into long distance cycle touring as a means of travelling the world, partially for its sustainability Having recently obtained an allotment I’m trying to implement Tim’s good organic no dig gardening practice. Completely redesigned my home and garden to be much more sustainable. Did a lot more reading around the subject, so that I now have a fairly clear idea of where we’re heading Being amazing Self-growth work, nvc, mindfulness, this has been a huge plus point, perhaps something I would not have found on my own but has made a big impact on my life, been reading books etc. since. Not being afraid about the future…always very optimistic about pretty much everything…breathe! Became so much more confident speaking in groups and communicating consciously              . Focused on making our house/lives more energy-efficient. Joined Simms Hill Shared Harvest. Kept mushroom logs. Shaking my whole life, moving back to my homeland and start building network/community, buying land and applying what I have learnt. Got an allotment – feeling SO much more confident about growing food.