Student Feedback

“It’s brilliant! So much more than a great course…more of a life-shift.”

“The course has changed my life and my way of seeing the world. It was the best decision I ever made. “

“An open and relaxed learning environment. I loved it to bits.”

“The tutors are true specialists in their respective fields.”

“Life changing!”

The shift course was the most completely inclusive, comprehensive, challenging course I have ever been on, the best thought out and refined course as to the needs of the students, with the most cutting edge, current, diverse and stimulating tutors you will ever come across.”

“Just do it!”

“This is a fantastic course with fantastic tutors. A curriculum that is both exciting and demanding with visits to inspiring places. Wonderful to be studying with such a group of terrific people. So glad I heard about it – highly recommended!”

“Best form of taught education I’ve experienced. Changed the way I look at our environment, people and the world even. Do it do it. Fab teachers and made very good friends”.  Lauren

“The Practical Sustainability course changed my life.  Years on, it’s still one of the best things I’ve ever done- I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  The teaching is the best I have had, having gone through secondary, further and higher education, and the people and projects made it one of the best experiences of my life”. Ellie.

“The PSC has been a fantastic learning experience throughout. The syllabus is carefly shosen to encapsulate a wide variety of modules, offering a complete picture of modern sustainability. Course contenct is delivered expertly by passionate and knowledable tutors who couldn’t be more authentic in their approach. Being part of an enthusiastic group of energetic students has been a privilege and I’ve built friendships that I’m sure will last. Overall I’d sum up the course as being empowering and inspiring.”

What I have is such a wonderful bed of well mulched experience, rooted inside me, that I know is just waiting for the right conditions to blossom into no dig, multi active shiftism.”

I am so glad I chose to do this course. I came with very little experience of permaculture and sustainability and I’m learning so much. The tutors are all brilliant, each one sharing new information or skills that have been invaluable. I feel very lucky to be part of such a great group of people!”

“An immensely powerful and informative course with exceptional people involved throughout, extremely thorough with a good balance of practical and theoretical learning in a huge range of subjects and skills.”

“I went on this course because it stood out like a beacon of light. It put me in touch with some amazing people who are taking responsibility for real positive change, and taught me to see our collapsing post-industrial world in a very different light. It’s based on a truly holistic vision and it teaches practical wisdom rather than boring academic analysis. As a result of doing it, I’m now able to move on and work at the Land Based Education Centre at Embercombe in Devon, after which I will be joining a permaculture project near Exeter.” Chris,  aged 72

“Want to have a broad range of information and skills that will be invaluable for the future and now…then sign up!”

“I have been very impressed by the quality of the course facilitators, all at the top of their field of expertise. The subjects have been varied and interesting and the course well co-ordinated by the very able Laura and Sarah.”

“What will I do with this one wild precious life? I will dance and sing and never stop learning. I will run up welsh hills and jump in the sea, I will learn what it really means to be me. I will make friends from all corners of the world and share stories and teachings of joy and the world’s woes. I will build nothing square and grow wholesome foods and brew nettle beer. This year has taught me not to fear, at least not too much, what life throws as with a shifty group like mine you can do more than enough!”